New Disneyland in Shanghai encourages tourists to adequacy


The Shanghai Municipal Government issued a code of ethics for visitors new attractionsDisneyland Park, which opens for tourists June 16, reports The Telegraph.

The City encourages guests to adequately comply with the order to preserve the flowers and trees, planted in the Park, and also warns would-be visitors from antisocial behaviour. This list turned out to be defacing public property, which in principle understandable, and, ironically, picnics on the grass (which is very respected by Europeans).

These rules followed in response to the improper” behavior of tourists during the trial opened in April and may this year. During this period, a new theme park was visited by more than 1 million people, the same for the first two weeks after its official opening 100% tickets already booked. Construction of large-scale attractions started in year 2011. The territory of the park covers 963 hectares. It is divided into six themed areas: island adventure“,Treasure Cove“,Country of fantasy“,Mickey Avenue“,Gardens of the imagination” andLand of the future”.

Moreover, the complex includes themed play areas, an unusual hotel, shops and cafes.